Thank You, Teacher Cards

Early June has been wonderful. The days are warm, with cool afternoon breezes blowing eucalyptus and poplar branches [...]

Garden Radish Quilt Block

We recently launched Trellis & Thyme's first batch of quilt block patterns! Each block pattern contains [...]

Gone to the Beach

Our latest kawaii cross stitch pattern, Gone to the Beach, has me all excited about the seaside. The great dream of [...]

On the Worktable

Today I'm sorting and cutting fabrics for a new Trellis & Thyme quilt pattern. I love working with solids. It [...]

Rainbow Sampler

The last few days have been quite warm - in the high 80s and mid-90s. But this afternoon the winds picked up, blowing [...]

Back on the Farm

Funny how the months go by so fast. Spring is fully here, and totally beautiful. Refreshing and vibrant and filled [...]

February Days

Is it spring yet? We're waiting impatiently. The afternoons are warm and sunshiny, but the nights are still so cold! [...]

Fast Foodies

Introducing our latest kawaii cross stitch quartet - the Fast Foodies! This is such a bright and cheerful [...]

Cookie & Milk

Hello from Cookie & Milk, the cutest snack duo ever! Are you busy with crafts and stitchery these days? We [...]

Autumn Days

We welcomed our first rain of the season today. It was cold and windy and just perfect. The gray autumn skies make a [...]

Spooky Town

Halloween is just around the corner, and I’m feeling all the spooky, mysterious, chilly night vibes. Have you [...]

Christmas Parade

It’s nearly mid-October. The season-changes are starting to be more noticeable here in Southern California. The [...]

Toadstool & Acorn

When writing and designing our book, Kawaii Craft Life, we wanted to be sure to include season-inspired projects. I [...]

Give Thanks

There’s so much to be grateful for, and that’s what our latest cross stitch pattern is all about. Give Thanks [...]

September & Cozy Cottages

It’s been a long hot summer, and goodness am I happy for September! Though the weather hasn’t changed very much [...]

The Witch

I love eerie silhouettes. The Witch took a while to get just right. We wanted a spooky, old Salem Halloween-style [...]

Almost Fall

Late August is the time of year when my fingers begin to twitch, and all things autumn are on my mind. I watch and [...]

Cozy Village Collection

Cozy Village is Trellis & Thyme's latest cross stitch series, and it's sure to charm! Cotton Candy Quilts is a [...]

Frosty Treats

Summer just wouldn't be summer without some cool sweet treats to stitch! We've had some fun redesigning the 'flavors' [...]

Welcome Summer

Summer has officially arrived, and with it, another pattern in our 'Welcome...' cross stitch series! Introducing, [...]