Busy As Bees

There are two approaches to spring that I notice in the animal kingdom: The first is to get up and do all the things. The second is to go back to sleep. Keeping pace with nature becomes a funny thing. I’m all for spring-induced over-activity, but I also love stopping, pressing my face into the giant red roses in our garden, and breathing deep.

Much of March passed by in storms. (I love the heavy rain-soaked drape of lavender and coreopsis over the garden stones.) Hot Ceylon tea with hints of cardamom have been a balm for my over-eager, sometimes over-anxious, spirit. That and needle & thread. Always needle & thread. Even on a perfect day the mind will dig and sort through reasons to feel not quite at ease. Does that happen to you? To counter that tendency, we try to focus on the things that bring comfort and harmony: a potter in the garden, design-work, stitching, painting, reading, baking…

* * *
D and I are firm believers in working until the Muse arrives. (None of this waiting around for her nonsense.) From small simple designs to large complex ones, there’s so much going on at Trellis & Thyme, it makes me giddy to think of it. I’m excited to share everything, and irked that I have to be patient.

The ‘Little Microbus’ cross stitch patterns really won me over. I couldn’t decide between an orange-based colorstory or a green one, so we made them both. Choosing the right combination of colors out of hundreds of possibilities is one of my favorite jobs.

* * *

Hope you’re having a delightful spring.

‘Till next time, cheerio!

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  1. I hadn’t received any recent notifications of new blog posts, so today I decided to check and see if you were still active here. YOU ARE!!! I’m so happy. 🙂 I’ve updated my blog reader settings and should receive every post from now on. 🙂 xo

    1. Krista! What a wonderful coincidence – I was just reading your latest blog post about your garden and those delicious raisin scones. 🙂 I’m so happy you found us again! This is still a baby blog. (I’m working up to a post a week, hopefully more.) Love having you here! 🙂 xoxo

  2. This is my first visit to Trellis & Thyme, via Susan Branch’s blog. I love your designs, Sosae! 🙂 I’m also enjoying each new Spring day in my Midwest perennial & herb gardens. It’s so exciting to see the changes in the garden each day! Wishing you a sunny, creative day! ♡

    1. Hi Dawn, thank you so much for stopping by! (Isn’t Susan Branch just the loveliest soul?) 🙂 And thank you for the kind words about our designs – it’s work that’s dear to us, so that means a lot! I love meeting another gardener! Lush-spirited folk who love seeds and soil. I visited your blog and fell in love. Can’t wait to read each post and discover your garden for myself. xoxo

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