Winter Days

I love the days after Christmas and before the New Year. Nothing to celebrate but the everyday wonders that make a home. (And that’s pretty much everything.)

The skies are cold and blue and filled with white cottonball clouds. As they pass, they turn the room light and dark. And sometimes it rains, turning everything a damp and gloomy gray.

My colorful stitchwork continues: pale and hot pink, mint and evergreen, sour apple and gumball red… Everything is bright and wintry at Kringle’s Tree Lot.

Stitching these pretty little trees has been so therapeutic. I find that no matter what, picking up needle and thread is always going to soothe my senses, and calm my nerves. If you’re reading this, you’re likely a stitcher, or sewist, or crocheter, and you already know exactly what I mean. 💕

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