Christmas At Home

Everyone loves to travel ‘back home’ at Christmastime. I think I’m the only oddball in the whole world who simply loves to be home at Christmastime. Our own cozy little house, with our own furry little pets, plush throws for snuggling, twinkle lights to add wonder, good food to warm your body, and plenty of laughter to lift your spirits. Home is so wonderful, I wonder why more people don’t prefer staying home for the holidays.

And here’s our precious lady cat, who’s getting on in years. She loves being toasty under the tree. I love how the lights twinkle off the ornaments and onto her fur.

My favorite winter thing is being cozied up with our boy kitty, favorite books, yarn, and a snugly throw. After reading for a while, I look up and stare at the Christmas tree. Magic is made at home, always.

Christmas is fast-approaching, and I have gobs of seasonal stitchery yet to do. Wishing you cozy days (and nights.) ✨

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