The harvest season is coming to an end. Thanksgiving is here again. This season of warm gold and yellow, orange and brown, slowly fades to the pale and stone-washed shades of winter.

Inside our home, all the symbols of harvest and autumn remain. I cannot let it go so easily. I wish autumn would turn back around the day after Thanksgiving, and start us again on September 1st. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Our two Pilgrim children above have been a source of joy and inspiration for me. Simple and sweet. Classic Bethany Lowe. I wonder, can they stay out during Christmas? Husband says Why not? He knows me.

A closer look at their lovely, handpainted expressions.

We design a lot of children for our cross stitch patterns. They are kawaii – cute and colorful and modern. Beneath it all, what inspires our designs is nostalgia and innocence. The experience of childhood. And though the art styles are distinctly different, that is the common thread: a celebration of childhood, and the desire to keep the joy alive in grownups.

This charming fellow and his very pretty turkey, along with the pretty little lady below, are quite new. They were hard to find, and took a long time to arrive. I’m delighted to have them in our collection.

My Thanksgiving Throw is coming along slowly. There was a month or so when we were in the thick of holiday design-work, and I hardly got a moment to crochet. But I’ve since picked up the hook again, with a renewed passion for this very pretty, very soft and cozy lap throw.

We’ve spent a bit of time stitching for Christmas. Our new designs are quite popular (thank you!) and it’s been wonderful immersing ourselves in their velvety sweetness. Trellis & Thyme cross stitch vignettes are designed to look like storybook pages: illustrations you can stitch yourself, and bring to life. It all comes from our love of children’s storybooks.

* * *

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. Blessings to all. 🧡🦃

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