November Days

It’s now mid-November, and while the days have been mild and lovely, the evenings have turned chill. Sometimes a dense fog covers the countryside, and then a casual evening stroll becomes truly magical.

In the afternoons the pale golden sunlight fills the house, and warms the heart. The leaves on the trees are still in full-color, and no big storms have passed through. We saw Canadian geese at the park by the lake, and smiled, knowing how far they’ve flown to get here. This is where they’ll stay during the winter months.

Our Johanna Parker ceramics fill me with joy. I love their whimsical folk faces, each one entirely unique. This beautiful teapot came with four little mugs. The faux candy apples are handmade by Kart Kreations on Etsy. (They make some beautiful fudge versions for Christmas, which I may have to order.)

Autumn foliage is a very necessary and beautiful thing to have around the house. There’s so much to love: colorful leaves, pine cones, corn, pumpkins, hay, berries, sunflowers, apples, pears, and on and on.

I’m not sure how these little guys hid amongst the pumpkins. I didn’t put them there. Everyone in this house is a character. ✨

More and more, I learn to love November. At one time it was just the space between October’s magic and December’s festivities. And now I realize just how important that space really is. We try to enjoy every moment of it – the slow, rich, quiet, gratitude-inspiring days of November. The busy and festive season can wait a little longer.

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