Kringle’s Tree Lot Cross Stitch

As a child, my favorite part of Christmastime was finding the perfect tree. We lived in a tiny town, tucked away in the foothills of northern Los Angeles, far from the big city. The winding roads were narrow, and the shops along the main street were quaint like in old westerns. Every December, the two or three vacant lots between the shops would come alive with peppermint poles, warm twinkle lights, and rows and rows of Christmas trees. It was magic!

Kringle’s Tree Lot is a celebration of the local tree lot – a place of magic and wonder. Mr. Kringle’s wearing his festive hat, overalls, and red mittens. He sells all kinds of lovely trees, in all shapes and sizes. There’s even a curious little cardinal nestled amongst the snowflakes.

I can almost smell the balsam fir, and see my breath in the frosty air!

Which tree will you take home? If you can’t decide, that’s okay, because you’re going to love stitching them all! 🎄

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