Baking Cookies Cross Stitch

A warm and cheery hello from Mrs. Claus, who’s busy baking in her very cozy kitchen. Trellis & Thyme’s latest cross stitch pattern is all about the joy of Baking Cookies! 🍪

This pattern has all the cozy Christmas vibes: A rosy-cheeked Mrs. Claus in her darling cap and apron, a vintage mixing bowl and milk bottle atop a wooden kitchen table, and ohmygoodness that retro seafoam oven & stovetop! Note the steamy red kettle – because Mrs. Claus loves a cup of tea with fresh-baked cookies.

Spy the adorable pink sugar bowl?

And of course, this cozy kitchen is made more festive with a small potted Christmas tree atop the checkerboard floor. 🎄💗

Hope you enjoy stitching this charming vignette as much as we loved designing it!

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