The Halloween Tree

For the first time since June, the air was cold and crisp and wildly wonderful. Cool breezes blew through the trees and into the house, calming and invigorating our summer-weary souls.

Work and deadlines have kept us very busy the last few weeks, and I needed to pause and rest. So I decorated the Halloween tree.

It’s not always easy to find the energy and motivation to decorate, but I knew I’d feel better once I did. So I tidied up the workroom a bit, and cleared off the filing cabinet, (home to various and sundry paperwork that are less than cheerful and inspiring.) Once those chores were done, I brought down the box of Halloween decorations – handmade from Trellis & Thyme patterns, and others we’ve lovingly collected over the years.

With each new addition to the tree, I felt a bit lighter. I found myself smiling at things I’d lovingly stitched years ago. It kindled memories of enthusiasm, patience, and wonder. (Sometimes those things are hard to come by, especially when you’ve been busy.)

I gently placed the glass baubles, admiring their shimmer and shine. When it was all done, I stood back, and took a deep breath.

Isn’t it pretty? 🖤🎃

At nights, when I light it up, the tree gives the room a warm and cozy glow. It’s inviting. And magical. Just like October itself.

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