Autumn in the Workroom

The workroom is a lovely place to be. I sit at my table every day, ready to sketch or stitch or simply daydream about new designs. Magic happens here. The playful, joyful, sweet, and cheerful kind. โœจ

Inspiration is an important part of design work: Surrounding myself with things that make me happy, things that spark my imagination, or simply, things that make me smile.

I like a balance between clean white space, and bold and beautiful color.

Each season, my worktable is curated with pretty objects that bring joy to the room: The vintage scarecrow, the white ceramic Jack o’Lantern, and the hand-painted figure by Bethany Lowe. Jars of scented candles make the room extra cozy in the evenings, as the weather starts to cool.

On the wall are our darling enamel pins, twinkling in their cello bags, ready to be packed and shipped. I love glancing up at their sweet kawaii faces, which always, without exception, make me smile.

The workroom is my happy, peaceful, and creative place. It flows with the seasons, inspiring our design work, and our spirits. ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿงก๐Ÿค

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