Kawaii Craft Life: Dragon Bookmark

One of my favorite embroidery projects from Kawaii Craft Life is the Dragon Bookmark. I know a lot of stitchers out there enjoy a challenge, and this project is definitely fun and challenging!

Stitching on wool-blend felt is delightful. The felt is buttery and soft, and a sharp embroidery needle glides right through, leaving plump and pretty stitches on its surface. In the book, we explain how to successfully transfer embroidery designs onto felt. (It’s my go-to method for all feltcraft stitchery.)

This bookmark is great for books, and recently I discovered that it’s positively perfect for magazines! (Do you like Origin. magazine by Maranda Pleasant? It’s page after page of beautiful everything.)

Oh, hello little dragon. ✨

There’s a color template on the project instructions page, including DMC thread colors, and a black and white template at the back of the book.

If you’re a fan of kawaii dragons, and stitching on yummy-soft wool-blend felt, you’ll love this project. And like me, I’m sure you’ll find it perfectly useful, too. 💙💚💛

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