Midsummer Days

Summer is peaceful and busy all at the same time. The endless sunshine is invigorating, and then it begs you to linger and slow down. It’s easy to work too much, but finding a balance each day is important.

I’ve started a new and lovely book by Debbie Johnson, called Summer at the Comfort Food Café. It’s a good story, written gently and with delightful touches of humor. As I read, I find myself smiling, and sometimes laughing out loud. A good book is a tonic.

There are a few other books in the Comfort Food Café series, and I’ve already put them on my reading list.

Progress on my Frozen Custard shawl continues, though a little more slowly these days. Sometimes it’s hard to choose between yarn and book.

Adding the frosty raspberry pink yarn (Petal,) has really done something special to this shawl. To be fair, every new color brings with it a freshness and energy. Pink, however, being one of my favorite colors, is extra special. I want to linger on it, take my time, and really enjoy the pretty process. 🌸

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