Trellis & Thyme Showcase: Gone Fishin’ with Heather

My dear friend Heather took a trip to a lake in Michigan, and she sent me these beautiful photos. Her husband and sons had gone fishing, and in a perfect marriage of vacation and medium, she was dockside stitching Gone Fishin’!

She even dyed the linen herself – isn’t it dreamy? I think crafting while on vacation is about as perfect as it gets.

Whimsy is a big part of Trellis & Thyme designs, and this sweet cross stitch pattern celebrates a universally beloved pastime. 🐠

I think Heather’s darling little stitches brought it perfectly to life.

Hope you’re having a good summer, with plenty of time to craft and relax. There are bunches of other sweet cross stitch vignettes in this series, celebrating spring and summer, autumn and winter. You can find them here. 💗

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