Crochet & Summer Reading

I recently picked up my crochet hook, and continued rows on my beloved ‘Frozen Custard’ shawl. (I name all of my projects; In this case, the colors were chosen based on frozen custard flavors.) This design is officially called the ‘Serene Lines’ shawl, by Terese Auestad. I recommend it highly for advanced beginners and beyond. It’s a wonderfully fun, interesting, and not-too-complex pattern. And of course, it’s beautiful. The look of it truly is serene.

I had paused just after the ‘butterscotch’ row, but now have resumed with ‘melon.’ The feeling of it is pure summer.

And speaking of summer, I’m diving into my summer reading list. First is a book I started not long ago – Hooked on Murder, by Betty Hechtman. Well naturally, it’s a crochet murder mystery! It’s witty, interesting, well-written, and cozy as a warm summer afternoon.

I especially love the way the author writes about crochet – the pretty descriptions of yarn, and the sweet and funny way the main character fumbles as she learns to make a basic granny square. All this, of course, is just the background to a murder who-dun-nit. It’s pretty fantastic. I look forward to the many other books in this series.

Here’s hoping your summer is unfolding bright and beautiful. 🌞🌴🌈

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