Retro Camper Quilt Block

There are now eight super pretty quilt block patterns at Trellis & Thyme! I want to talk about each and every one of them, but today I’m excited to chat about the Retro Camper Quilt Block. I’ve always loved campers and caravans and glamping. Whether you’re adventuring far from home, or choosing a pretty spot nearby, (even in your own driveway!) – it’s all so fun and cozy. Specifically, retro and vintage style campers are my favorites.

This is such a fun block for playing with colors and textures. (The camper top features ‘Texture,’ by Sandy Gervais – a fabric I really love.) There’s so much potential with florals, solids, and basics. The camper window is large enough to feature a perfect fussy-cut. (I’m thinking of something by Heather Ross, or even a 30s reproduction critter toss!)

When choosing colors for your Retro Camper Quilt Block, I recommend thinking of a theme, or season. Examples of themes would be honeybees, strawberries, or a-day-at-the-beach. Examples of seasons would be autumn, October, or Christmastime. See what the theme/season inspires, and choose colors and fabrics based on that. (The theme for the camper above was ‘1970s retro.’ Just imagine some shag carpeting inside!) 💖

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