Back on the Farm

Funny how the months go by so fast. Spring is fully here, and totally beautiful. Refreshing and vibrant and filled with inspiration. I’ve been designing and sewing and stitching, and sometimes that carries me well into the evenings, and even fills my dreams. I was moved to pick up this project – a favorite design of ours from a couple years ago. Life on the Farm has so much color and joy! The motifs are intensely gratifying to stitch and admire. Like a pretty storybook, it carries you away.

I think this sampler is perfect for spring and summer stitching. 🌻🍃

2 responses to “Back on the Farm”

  1. Heather Knapke says:

    I love it! Some day I’ll get to stitching it.

  2. Sosae Caetano says:

    Thank you, Heather! There are two kinds of cross stitch – the quick ones and the ‘storybook’ ones (that take a bit more time.) This is definitely one of those! I love how, bit by bit, the story unfolds (in all its stitchy sweetness!) 💕