Toadstool & Acorn

When writing and designing our book, Kawaii Craft Life, we wanted to be sure to include season-inspired projects. I love seasonal stitchery; it’s fun, and has a mindfulness quality to it, with its gentle focus on all the pretty things of the present.

Toadstool & Acorn are season-inspired. Who doesn’t think of autumn with these two cuties? And naturally, they had to be about entertaining, because autumn is an invitation to bake, and cook, and set a pretty table. So the ‘Toadstool & Acorn Napkin Rings’ project was born!

I’m a fan of simple but high-impact projects: designs that are quick to stitch, and produce an immediate, “Omg, it’s so cute!” reaction. This is definitely one of those. It makes an absolutely adorable gift, (stitch two of each!) And best of all, the color possibilities are endless. In keeping with the autumn vibes, you can stitch mushrooms with brown or orange caps, and acorns in varying shades of gold, rust, and brown. Felt color options are fun to change, too! Think gray, charcoal, golden yellow, red, teal, sky blue, etc.

We hope you’ll give this simple-sweet project from Kawaii Craft Life a try! And as always, we hope you’re well, and keeping busy with all that’s fun and cozy.

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